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A book of images from The British Museum collection is given to each participant. I draw one page and post it to the children who draw then another page to send back to me. We are thereby reconstituting the British Museum collection in drawings kept in separate sites in the EU.


Aude Hérail Jäger, London

Timothée Cerdeira 7 years old, Saint-Tropez

Alexander Kerssing 7 years old, Brussels

Antonin Cerdeira 5 years old, Saint-Tropez

Collaborative work with artist Kevin Jackson

Collaborative work with children based on THE BRITISH MUSEUM collection

Two artists had a tea-break in one of their studios. Whilst chatting one scribbled away. When he stopped, the other suggested she continue the drawing. Six years later, HÉRAIL JÄGER JACKSON look back on a substantial body of work.

Working separately, each piece develops in a series of irregular exchanges between the pair. There are rules, but then there aren’t. There is a finishing point, but they haven’t reached it yet.