‘A Licence Agreement [..] That Makes a Licence Herein’

Frottage of artist’s studio floor mounted vertically on gallery wall

Sept 98-March 99

Installation for ‘O Pas La, Surprising Spaces’ at LIEU D’ART CONTEMPORAIN (L.A.C.), Sigean, France

overall dimension 5m x 9m

Graphite on tissue paper

Photography Jean-Luc Fournier

Studio table


1,10m x 2,30m

Graphite on tissue paper

Photography Peter Abrahams



2m x 3,50m

Graphite on paper

Photography  Peter Abrahams

© Aude Hérail Jäger Nov 2016

No image may be used without written permission from Aude Hérail Jäger

The visible and the surface are sometimes indecipherable.

Scraping the surface reveals clues of previous activity. So does focusing on the negative space.


UP AND DOWN  - ‘from here to here: the geographical self’ exhibition


overall dimensions ca. H 5m x W 4,50m x L 7m

graphite on Japanese paper

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“Every work is the synthesis between a means of expression and a lived experience to be given form. In Hérail Jäger’s work, occasion, execution and presentation are one. Form is dictated not by some previously formed intention, but by the residue of meaning still clinging to the object.

One day, by chance, she came upon some balusters from a staircase handrail. She planed and scraped them, fastidiously conserving the paint as she removed it layer by layer; the paint was then transformed into balls and placed like the capitals on column.There is, so to speak,  a stable mass of material, the “head” materialising the object’s “memory”. It is in this work a procedure of removal “layer by layer” .”

Stephen Wright,  ‘The Works of Days and Hands’, 1997 (Catalogue essay, Acte de Naissance, Valenciennes)