SMITHEREENS illustrates the mechanism of rupture. When all feels smashed, repair involves collecting the residual bits, making inventories to sort out the rubble, building new ‘things’ from the fragments, developing or possibly subverting  the original form into something new.


Pencil Shavings

Collecting pencil shavings while drawing ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Voyages 2000’ series (ca. 180 drawings)


FPX Photography

(Private collection)

© Aude Hérail Jäger July 2017

No image may be used without written permission from Aude Hérail Jäger


Matchsticks bundles


each bundle ca. 6cm x 3cm, 118bundles

matchsticks, cloth

photography D. Bradfield

The matchsticks’ bundles acted as a metaphor for the relationship with my mother. In the south of France my mother collected each matchstick she had been using when cooking her meals. The matchsticks painstakingly became a handful, which she posted out to me in London.

In the studio I have hand-me-down bedsheets, once beautifully embroidered by my foremothers, then used and mended across several generations. I make bandages from what is left of them.

The bundles represent the solitude of my mother and my inability to alleviate her loneliness.


found embedded in Carpenters Road studio’s wooden planks

overall dimensions: H 70cm x L 50m



TOWERS -  ‘BRIDGE’ exhibition at the Cello Factory 2015


overall dimensions ca. W150cm x D120cm x H150cm-260cm

wire, paper, glue


Tacky Collection


series of seven balls, each ball diameter ca. 7cm

vintage ribbons, buttons curtains rings, haberdashery things, fuse wire

photography D. Bradfield

‘Nimble hands and fingers have wrapped, rolled, stuck, pinned, stuffed, bound and wound with deft precision. Such intense actions have subverted their benign domestic equivalents and instead have moulded together disparate and irritant material to co-exist in a neat and contrived unity.’

Extract from ‘Hide and Seek’, an essay by Phyllida Barlow for the exhibition  ‘Syzygy’

Women ’s Art magazine April/May 1996

HAMLETS installation for Shoreham Sculpture Trail, Kent - June 2017
dimension: six units, each ca. W 25cm x D 25cm x H60cm
paper, wire, glue

HAMLETS is a settlement of small towers that hung high in a tree for the duration of the Shoreham Sculpture Trail in June 2017 (Kent, UK).
The dwellings are made from a shredded personal paper archive, whose memories yield momentum to the residual fragments. The community is nestling in the foliage and, for the moment, hiding from view residents and inner-workings; yet each unit shows four footings, demonstrating capacity for landing and operating from the ground.