‘A Licence Agreement [..] That Makes a Licence Herein’ Installation for ‘O Pas La, Surprising Spaces’  exhibition at LIEU D’ART CONTEMPORAIN (L.A.C.), Sigean, France

Frottage of artist’s studio floor mounted vertically on gallery wall

Sept 98-March 99

overall dimension 5m x 9m

Graphite on tissue paper

Photography:Jean-Luc Fournier


The Mysterious Vessel - ‘The London Group Centenary at Pitzhanger Manor’ exhibition 2013

Installation view for Pitzhanger Manor’s Breakfast Room (Ealing, London)

31 drawings, pencil and mixed media on paper


Photography D. Bradfield

Sir John Soane designed the Breakfast Room at Pitzhanger Manor to evoke an ancient tomb for the display in context of his collection of antique cinerary vases and sepulchral objects. I drew my own collection for the Breakfast Room from the British Museum collections, which I presented on the shelves where the original objects had been presented early 19th century.


Voyages 2000  for ‘Artist’s Choice - Lucy Jones’ at Flowers East Gallery

overall dimensions ca. 4m x 16m

series of 16 drawings, each 1,40m x 1m


mixed media on paper

Crysallises for “Duo’ exhibition at Acte de Naissance, Valenciennes, France

overall dimensions ca.  10m x10m


48 elements, toddlers’ clothes, fibre glass


UP AND DOWN  - ‘from here to here: the geographical self’ exhibition


overall dimensions ca. H 5m x W 4,50m x L 7m

graphite on Japanese paper

- more in  TRACES webpage -

Odysseus and the Sirens - from alabaster cinerary urn (British Museum)


31cm x 41cm - pencil on paper

photography D. Bradfield


© Aude Hérail Jäger Nov 2016

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